About me

Born and raised in Switzerland, I was drawn to the wide, exciting world at a very early age. My immense interest in travelling, foreign cultures, the versatility and otherness of the most diverse places in the world, shaped me very early on. My long stays and my private contacts have sparked my passion for special living environments, especially in Asia.

This passion led me during my 3 years in Shanghai (2011 - 2014) to complete an interior design  training with an internationally active, renowned interior designer named Genco Berk (www.genco-berk-design.com).

During this time (2012) the company "Ashiyana - Soul of Living" was founded. 

Through my countless travels in Asian countries I have built up a network, got to know suppliers and furniture producers personally and cultivated contacts.

I have also been able to build up a network in Europe which enriches me and supports me in my project.

My motivation is to create concepts for the exterior and interior that captivate through individuality, tradition and grace.